UPDATE March 30, 2021: Though the Pandemic has brought some challenges our way, the Square Project is still a GO. The State of Illinois created the Restore Illinois Grant in Summer of 2020 with awards to be announced August 2020. The Restore Illinois Grant is a $500,000/100% grant that could be used to replace the roadway in addition to the current project where ITEP and RDBG funds are not roadway eligible. Although the decision to apply for the additional $500,000 funding pushed back the project a bit, we feel it was worth a try. Awards for the Restore Illinois Grant for Infrastructure projects is now estimated to be reviewed by the end of April 2021. We have been given the option to withdraw our application and move forward now but we are hopefully close to an award answer in the near future. Once the awards are announced, whether we receive the grant or not, the project will move forward with sealed bids for work. The sunset clause on the project requires ground to break by the end of September 2021, however we have been assured if things get pushed back due to IDOT requirements that Spring of 2022 will be accepted. We look forward to completion of this project and are excited about the upgrade to pedestrian safety, lighting, drainage, traffic calming and, of course, ADA access to local properties on the Square. Any further updates will be posted here.

May 4, 2018, The Village of Durand was awarded the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) (80/20%) Grant for the Durand Downtown Streetscape Project  which intends to rejuvenate its downtown business district-The Square. The Village will receive $1,289,560 federal dollars administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation towards the $1.7 million dollar project. The Village of Durand was selected from 218 project applications of which 53 projects were selected totaling $35,687,690. This was our third ITEP application since 2012 for this project. To offset cost out of pocket, the Village also secured the Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG)(50/50%) for $85,000 in 2014 for lighting, benches and such. The Village is at the end of the grace period for use of this grant and will pre-purchase lighting fixtures and required items and store them until they are ready to be installed to fulfill the grant use timeline.

On October 8, 2018, The Village Board of Trustees voted 5-1 to additionally add replacing the roadway of the square at the time of construction, which was not ITEP eligible. Roadway work is estimated to be $217,000.

December 10, 2018, The Village Board of Trustees voted 6-0 on STYLES: for lights, trash and cigarette receptacles, and benches for the Square Project (USDA RBEG Grant).

The ITEP Grant comes with a timeline of 3 years to complete the project. The Grant administration and project progression is highly regulated and requires a good deal of time and paperwork. Plans are estimated to break ground in Spring/Summer 2020!

Durand Downtown Streetscape Project is designed to address:

  • ADA Compliance/Handicap Accessibility
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Traffic Calming
  • Lighting
  • Water Drainage
  • Overall Welcoming Aesthetics
  • Encourage New Business and Improvements to existing Businesses

In November 2017,  Fehr Graham Engineering and Environmental, the engineering firm hired by the Village of Durand, used the latest technology to create a 3D video rendering of the proposed Durand Square renovations, titled Durand Square Streetscape Improvements-Village of Durand, Illinois, which was submitted with the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Grant application.

Disclaimer: All information including drawings, cost estimates, photos, videos and all other such materials are available for your understanding of the scope of work and proposed idea only. Elements of the proposed project have changed or may change such as building changes that have already taken place since this video was created, exact final costs, plantings, lighting fixtures, placement of elements and redesign where necessary. Private property/storefronts are not included in the village portion of this project. Property owners are responsible for final access from door threshold into that property.