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Recently Updated Ordinances:


Ordinance 2022-17 Amend Removal of Snow and Ice from Sidewalks on the Square12-12-22

Ordinance 2022-3 Snow on Streets and Parking

Noise Ordinance


Vacant and Abandoned Buildings

The “Vacant Building” Ordinance, requiring registration of abandoned or vacant Commercial & Residential properties has been in the research and review process over the last year or so. The final amendment to the ordinance was approved in July 2023 and the pieces have been put together with required documents, etc. The ordinance information is located on page 279 of the Village of Durand Municipal Code of Ordinances and may be accessed by clicking “Click here” above.  Steve Dasko, Village Trustee & Randy Ketchum, Village Code Enforcement Officer have been designated to oversee the program. Though the ordinance has been in effect, code enforcement and vacant building registration for this purpose will begin 30 business days from the date of this posting: March 22, 2024, to give property owners a chance to look it over if they choose. If you have a property that fits this criteria and have questions or concerns, please call Steve Dasko (608) 426-2779 or Randy Ketchum (815) 988-6964