Preliminary work for the Durand Downtown Streetscape Project began yesterday on the Square with some equipment being delivered, some barricades and a bit of sawing. Some materials will be delivered Friday. Work will begin full speed next week, weather dependent.

Some FAQ-Frequently asked questions with answers are being posted to the Village website.

The concept video below was created by Fehr Graham for our final ITEP grant application in November 2017. The Village of Durand was awarded the largest grant in history for District #2 at $1,289,560.00. When bids came in over estimate in November 2021, we approached IDOT with a request for more funds and were awarded an additional $220,662.00 =$1,510,222.00 Total project cost was bid at $1,737,375.02. We also received the RBEG 50/50 grant for $85,000 in 2014 which purchased the street lighting and some accessory items. For more detailed history see the Village website under Projects; Square.

There will be additional funds out of pocket due to replacing the center of the roadway on our own since it was not eligible to be included in this project and any necessary changes and unforseen issues that need to be addressed along the way.

Some things on the Square have changed since this video was created and changes to the plan are necessary. However the concept remains the same.