Thank you to the residents who made a request to change current ordinance using proper procedure. You did your due diligence, were respectful and patient.
In return you deserve the the same, a respectful and thoughtful answer, even if the results are not what you hoped for.
The Board has discussed the request many times, in great detail, throughout the months leading up to and after the election. Both sides, for and against, brought valid points to the table.
The Board opted to stay with the current ordinance which does NOT allow chickens to be raised or kept within the Village limits. Factors that led to this decision are:
* Predators- in particular, coyotes. It is understood that coyotes and other predators, are already present in and around Durand. However, there is a concern that the presence of chickens would encourage them to come deeper and more often into town and potentially become more aggressive and less fearful of people.
* Code Enforcement- even with restrictions in place, it would be difficult to regulate with limited staff
* Poll- even with the Advisory Question on the ballot, the low turn out doesn’t give a large enough sample of residents in favor to warrant change
Effective Ordinance:
Chapter 6
Animal and Fowl¹
Sec 6-2 Animals Other than Household Pets Prohibited; Declared a Nuisance.
(a) it shall be unlawful for any person to keep any cattle, horse, swine, sheep’s, goats, poultry or other animals within the Village with the exception of dogs, cats and other common household pets.
(b) Any animal kept in the Village in violation of subsection (a) is hereby declared a nuisance.
The Advisory Question, on the ballot, result was
124 NO
100 YES