In efforts to stay ahead of the COVID-19 Pandemic and prepare for the unknown, Village President, Bob Corwin, has Declared a Local State of Emergency for the Village of Durand. The Declaration is as follows:

Pursuant to the authority vested in the office of Village President by the Illinois Municipal Code Section 5/11-1-6, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act Section 3305/11 and Ordinance 2020-2 of the village of Durand, I, Robert Corwin, the Village President of the Village of Durand, do hereby declare that a Local State of Emergency exists as of this date, March 23, 2020, and shall continue until such time as provided in Ordinance 2020-2.

The reason for the Local State of Emergency is the World Health Organization has declared that the COVID-19 virus is a worldwide pandemic which, despite efforts to contain the virus, is expected to spread. The President of the United States has declared that a National Emergency exists and continue to exist due to the COVID-19. The Governor of the State of Illinois has issued a Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation which continue to exit in the State of Illinois due to the COVID-19 virus, and has previously issued Executive Orders pertaining to the closure of schools, prohibiting public gatherings of 50 people or more throughout the duration of the Disaster, and prohibiting on-premises consumption of food and beverages by all businesses throughout the State of Illinois.

The nature of the Local State of Emergency is that the COVID-19 virus is a pandemic disease which, despite efforts to contain the virus, is expected to spread. Current testing availability has identified the further spread of confirmed cases throughout the State of Illinois, and it is expected that increased testing capacity would demonstrate that COVID-19 is circulating in communities across Illinois, including communities in Winnebago County, which as at least one confirmed case.

During the existence of the Local State of Emergency, the Village President shall execute such authority as provided under the Illinois Municipal Code, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act and Ordinance 2020-2.

To read the Declaration and Village of Durand Ordinance 2020-2 in full click this link:  State of Emergency Declaration & Ordinance 2020-2

Find Helplines and Webpages for Business Assistance, Individual Assistance and other resources by clicking this:  Helplines and Webpages

The State of Illinois’ central website for COVID-19 is available at

The Governor’s Office is in the process of collecting and responding to questions regarding the state’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. To help facilitate that process, they have created an email address,, where citizens may send questions, comments and recommendations. The Governor’s staff will then compile all inquiries and respond with answers.