Effective 2/7/2022

The Board voted tonight to change the snow ordinance. The Board decided after input from public works and the police dept. to remove the “Odd/Even” parking for snow emergency events. The new ordinance prohibits all parking on residential streets during a snow emergency( two (2) inches of snow has accumulated and will remain in effect until the snow has been plowed to the curb line). If a snow emergency triggers during overnight hours(after 10pm), residents have until 8am the following morning to move their vehicles. Parking is still prohibited between 2am and 6am on Center Street during snow emergencies.

The changes are as follows.

“On all residential streets, excluding those residential streets on which parking is already prohibited by ordinance, it shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park any vehicle in the Village during a snow emergency. If a snow emergency is declared after 10:00p.m., the owner, co-owner or driver of any vehicle stopped, parked, or permitted to stand on any residential street shall have until 8:00a.m. the following day to remove the vehicle.”

“A snow emergency is declared to be in effect immediately after two (2) inches of snow has accumulated and will remain in effect until the snow has been plowed to the curb line.”

During a snow emergency no person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle on Center Street between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am.

Any vehicle parked in violation of this section is declared to be an obstruction to traffic and an immediate hazard to essential snow removal operations.

Any vehicle in violation of this section shall be ticketed by a police officer or public works employee and may be removed or towed without notice to or consent of the owner or person in charge thereof. The cost of any such towing shall be at the owner’s expense and in addition to any fine or ticket payment. The driver of the vehicle and any registered owner or co-owner thereof shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of all towing and storage charges in connection with the violation.

No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow upon any street or alley of the Village on that portion of the traveled way cleared or scheduled for clearance of any snow accumulation.

No snow shall be deposited on any street of the Village in such manner as to obstruct a public sidewalk, nor shall it be deposited upon a neighboring parkway or other private property, or hamper the vision of an intersection of traveled roadways.