The Village of Durand is planning to offer a couple of dates and times for UTV/Golf Cart Registration where we can be available to process registrations quickly and answer questions. Those dates and times will be released as soon as we have all the paperwork in order and signs are out marking the path connecting the two ends of town.

As we prep for UTV registration, please be aware of the equipment requirements below. Links to the application are below the requirements. Click the version you would like to fill out. 

1. The non-highway vehicle applied for complies with and satisfies the requirements of Chapter 11, Article 23, of the Durand Village Code:

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Seat Belts

  • Brakes

  • Steering Apparatus

  • Four or more tires

  • Rear View or Side Mirrors

  • Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem (on rear of vehicle)

  • Two Headlights (Emit white light, Visible at 500ft to the front)

  • Two Tail Lamps (Emit red light, Visible at 100ft to the rear)

  • Brake Lights (Visible at 100ft to the rear)

  • Turn Signals on front and rear (Visible at 100ft)

  • Red reflectorized warning devices on the front and rear

  • Eye protection worn or windshield installed

  • Horn

  • Yellow Flashing Light (visible from at least 100ft to the rear if driven after sunset or one-half hour before sunrise)

Click on the version of application you would like to use below:

UTV/Golf Cart Permit Application – Lines for PDF

UTV/Golf Cart Permit Application – Fill & Print Word Doc