As we move forth into April, the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is becoming a major influence in how we live our lives. Virus cases in Illinois are on the rise and Winnebago County is experiencing new cases every day. Until the virus peaks, and starts a downward trend, everyone will be affected. Eventually our lives will return to what is considered normal- businesses will be opening-No restrictions on shopping and being able to go about our daily lives as we used to in the past.
Until then many towns have declared a State of Emergency, as Durand has, giving the mayor or Village President limited extra power. This was enacted by a special ordinance that was passed and shall be repealed once the emergency passes. The power is basically to keep bills paid and the Village running if board meetings can not be held. Illinois has loosened the restrictions on the Open Meetings Act so that meetings can be held via telephone conferencing or video conferencing. All board members will be kept up to date on all issues and votes will be cast when needed via in person-phone-video.
Please use good judgement when you have to leave your house-practice social distancing (at least 6 ft apart)-wash hands regularly with soap and water for at lease 20 seconds-use hand sanitizers-disinfect an you plan on touching. Experts have stated that the number one cause of transmitting the virus is touching your face after your hands have been in contact with the virus. Stay home if at all possible-yea it’s kind of like being grounded again but it’s for our safety.
Times are going to be tough for many people and businesses. Tempers may also be shorter than normal so take a few extra seconds to remain calm. Express your appreciation to people still working to serve you-doctors-nurses-check out people and more.
Support our businesses that can remain open. Please plan on supporting our local businesses when they reopen.
We need to preserve our small town way of life and everyone’s safety.
Bob Corwin
Village President