The Illinois State Executive Shelter-in-Place order that was extended through May 30, 2020 brings about many questions for you, the Durand area residents. You will find answers to most of your questions below:

1. With the extension of the Illinois State of Emergency-Shelter Order for May 2020, the Village of Durand has taken the steps necessary to extend ours as well. Village President Robert Corwin has EXTENDED STATE OF EMERGENCY FOR VILLAGE OF DURAND, DURAND, ILLINOIS, which allows him extended authority normally agreed upon by the Board of Trustees. The extended authority will be used only if the Board of Trustees is effected in a manner that requires a meeting not take place due to the pandemic and is good for only 30 days. After 30 days, it must be reevaluated and agreed upon by the Board of Trustees for further extension. This authority includes activities such as ensuring that payroll and expenses are kept up-to-date and taking care of emergency expenses that arise of a disastrous nature, among others. Click here to see the official State of Emergency order for the Village of Durand, Illinois, May 2020.

2. VILLAGE HALL REMAINS CLOSED. New hours for Village Hall are 9:00am-4:30pm. Water, Sewer and Refuse bills may be paid online at , in the drop box at Village Hall or paid in cash by calling Sherry, at Village Hall at (815) 248-2606 to make an appointment. Many of your questions may be answered on the Village website as well.

3. ALL SOLICITATION BANNED UNTIL MAY 30, 2020. The Village does normally allow door-to-door solicitors according to ordinance within the Village if requirements are submitted, acceptable and permit given. If someone comes to your door selling anything during the month of May, please call Village Hall at (815) 248-2606. If someone comes to your door selling anything in the future, ask to see their permit and ID to verify they are legitimate and that they actually work for the company they claim to be. If they do not have one, send them on their way and call Village Hall. As always, if something seems suspicious or dangerous, do not answer the door and call 911.

4. SEASONAL BURNING OF YARD WASTE SUSPENDED INTO MAY. Please do not burn yard waste at this time. Personal “campfires” are allowed for burning of wood or gas inside a fire ring, fire pit or fire table for recreation. The yard waste drop off by the Public Works office, behind Matteson’s Service Center, is still open, although it will not be burned until after May as well.

5. DASH FOR TRASH RESCHEDULED TO JUNE 27, 2020. The community-wide clean-up day that was set for May 2, 2020 has been rescheduled to Saturday, June 27, 2020. The normally scheduled trash collection day with take place Friday, June 26 with the bulk collection taking place Saturday.

NOTE: Items not accepted for big trash pick-up: Tires, Oil, Wet Paint, Electronics, Batteries and Car parts such as engines, riding lawn mowers or any items that holds gas oil or anti-freeze.