Assistant Minority Leader and STATE REPRESENTATIVE JOHN CABELLO will be hosting a DMV Event Thursday, June 1st, from 10AM to 2PM with the Secretary of State’s office at the DURAND SOLUTIONS BANK, DURAND, IL.

The MOBILE DMV will provide services such as driver’s license and State ID cards, vehicle registration renewals, and other necessary DMV-related tasks.

In addition to the Mobile DMV services, our 90th District Office staff will also be at the same location at the same time ready to assist constituents in navigating state government procedures, answering questions, and addressing any state-related issues that they might be facing.

Please visit to register a time to meet with SOS. You can also call Cabello Staff office at 815-974-0090 to register. Registration is not mandatory but will help us with scheduling necessary time to help all constituents.